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SEOThe top 3 positions in search engines deliver over 88% of the traffic to the websites that occupy them, meaning, if you’re not one of them, then you are losing sales.

You can have the greatest product or service online, but if consumers can’t find your website, it won’t matter. Visibility in search engines is critical for business, don’t let visitors pass you by. Get ranked today!

For SEO Consulting Call 1 (800) 871-7860 to schedule your 30 minute or 1 hour session today with our founder/SEO Expert Jeffrey Smith, who can assist you with a full-spectrum analysis of your website and provide strategic solutions with many of the SEO tools we either create and / or utilize.

SEO Design Solutions works with companies of all sizes within all markets offering SEO Services to businesses who require an outsourced staff and SEO Consulting for firms that require strategic implementation and direction. SEO Design Solutions has consistently proven to be the most effective form of marketing for clients seeking competitive keywords in challenging markets who require proven SEO results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization works from targeting “specific keywords” consumer’s type into search engines to quickly find information, products and services. Positioning your website to intersect with consumers at the right time in the right mood with the right message equates to increased leads, sales and conversions for your business.

Whether conversion means:

  • getting first-time visitors to take action
  • getting them purchase a product or service
  • getting them to pick up the phone and call
  • complete and submit a contact form
  • download an e-book
  • sign up for a newsletter or
  • subscribe to an RSS feed, etc.

You need traffic and conversions to flourish online, and without building “the right type of traffic” to your website, the volume of visitors will not matter.

Whether you have a web development and content team in place, or you’re in need of an outsourced staff to execute strategies and SEO services to provide first page rankings, SEO Design Solutions™ can provide a customized solution that results in success.

For a technical overview of how this SEO tool works, read our recent blog post: Which links pass the most weight in search engines?

Where your website ranks in Google and which keywords it ranks for has a direct impact on your business . Get more traffic and targeted visitors through on page optimization, content creation and optimal website architecture, to get started call (800) 871-7860 to speak with a consultant or click “contact us” (above in the main navigation) and a specialist will contact you shortly. Let us help you generate more exposure today.

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